Death Stranding Analysis

Death Stranding is the upcoming game by Kojima Productions. It will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the first game since Kojima left Konami. Most of us saw all the published videos of the upcoming game, and here’s how it makes sense to me.

Death Stranding Analysis

“Give me your hand in life…. Give me your hand in death”. This is a game where gamers around the world can come together and play. The videos show babies in bottles, a war environment, military characters. In other videos you can see player characters sneaking and scanning for supernatural beings. OK, so you will most likely play in an open world. This is potentially happening after a big war where some kind of science or supernatural things have happened. So now people have to fight to stay alive and stay together.

It is possible that gameplay will start you as an alive person, but if you die, the gameplay transforms you into a spiritual being where you’d still be able to help other players, or try to hurt them, depending on what Kojima constructs. But if the game does not make use of the playable spiritual characters, you could create or control these beings by instructing them to do some things for you, like destroying your opponents.

Death Stranding is using the most advanced PS4 engine Sony has, so the game looks gorgeous. But with PS5 on the horizon, it is very likely that this game will come out on the PS5. As rumors on Reddit suggest, most new PS4 games will also come on PS5 as a remastered versions or simply ported through services like Playstation Now. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would buy a new PS5 just to play Death Stranding in a native 4K resolution in it’s top glory.

This has been our short analysis of Kojima’s new legendary game. We are very excited for it. If you have something to add, please do so on the comments below. Thanks for reading EsportsGate.

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