Fortnite enables Gifting for a limited time

Epic Games has enabled gifting functionality that will last about 1 week from now. For this limited time you can purchase items from the Fortnite store and gift them to your fellow Fortnite players. You can achieve this by selecting “Buy As A Gift” option in the store. To be able to use the gifting feature, you should read this epic games post and follow the instructions.

If you really don’t like gifts for any reason, you can disable the ability to receive gifts from anybody in Account Settings page in game. Warning: this will make you unable to get any gifts at all. Not sure why would you want to do this, but in case you really hate gifts, that is how you do it. Gifting is only available in Battle Royale, of course, which is the most popular Fortnite mode.

Recently I heard that there are more concurrent online players playing Fortnite than Steam (all games included). This is really an eye-opening information and surely is a message to Valve and Steam. But this also sounds like a perfect news to Epic Games. I just keep wondering when are they ever going to do anything with Unreal Tournament (which could be called UT4).

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