Half-Life Documentary 2018

Congrats to Noclip for publishing this great new Half-Life documentary everyone wants to see. This game was developed by Valve and published in 1999 and again 2004 (Half-Life 2). If you owned a computer around those years, I bet you heard about it or even played the game.

The creator of this documentary talks about when might Half-Life 3 actually be introduction. He lays out same points I had in mind. The point is: they will not make Half-Life 3 just yet. In between first and second game,there was a huge step forward in technology. But since Half-Life 2,there haven’t been giant leaps forward. It is hard to make are revolutionary game these days – and that’s what they want to make. I believe they are going for the VR.

When might Half-Life 3 happen?

I believe that it might happen when you can buy VR with 8K resolution to each eye and great VR gloves which are very sensitive that you might feel vibration as you touch something. So when you get something in yourhand, the glove will know it’s shape and texture and would make you unable to just go right through it – but in fact it would block further movement of your hand – so you would feel like you are actually holding something in your hand. Yeah, this tech does not exist just yet. So in about 10 or 20 years we might see some form of Half-Life 3. There is a chance for that.

They could easily license anyone to make the third game – they would make a lot of money either way, but they want something new and revolutionary again. Same reason James Cameron didn’t make the 2ndAvatar right away – he is after the greater technology that is just not available yet. A few of other mega projects come to mind when thinking about this kind of approach, but not many.

Enjoy the documentary and let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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