Metro Exodus – Uncovered – EsportsGate Reaction

Metro Exodus was the game many were anticipating for many reasons. Recently it came into the public eye by publishing another video, but it also became known for the infamous Store Switching (from Steam to Epic Game Store) to become a time exclusive.

The new video was published on game’s YouTube channel – Metro Exodus Uncovered where a few more details about the game were shown. Most notably they have moved from linear gameplay to semi-open world where you are given a map and a compass and sent on your marry way into the wasteland. This game became beloved one by old school single player mode lovers and recent games of the same kind proved that there is a great audience for high quality titles like this one.

High level of details

The ‘Uncovered’ video shows the high detailed world, well designed environments and action to match all of that. The exploration is encouraged so players are expected to get in touch with the stories all around the wasteland. It will be an adventure to remember, I hope. This is one of my favorite genres so I hope it does really well. This is how I imagine the quality of Half-Life 3 would be if it was made and released right now. Great design, wonderful detailed world and mutants in it.

Exodus was carefully designed for the last five years down to very last details. It’s interesting how these big projects stay secret for such a long time. Yes, I’m aware of the secret keeping contracts you have to sign to even work on such games. Even the small indie titles require you to sign those before you work on them, but still, these huge games are being worked on for a very long time and nobody actually tells the world about them? Good for them, man, that’s all I’m saying.

4A Games

I’m super excited about the game. By the way, 4A Games studio actually means that they wanted to build next level games from AAA – AAAA. Get it? It’s a neat message they tried to convey to the rest of the industry.

Enjoy the video and the game when it comes out on 15th of February 2019. They were really aiming at Xbox One X, so if you wanted to play on console the maximum settings way – there you go.

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