OVERRIDE: MECH CITY BRAWL – Launch Trailer – Xbox One

Override: Mech City Brawl is the name of the game. This trailer is for the Xbox One but the same was also issued for the team blue (PS4). Both version look amazing. I guess it’s that time of the year, a time we need to brawl and destroy cities using giant mechs. We are certainly do that, and so should you. Join us and take a look at this awesome trailer.

There is something very poetic in destroying a city while going at your opponent. In this game, you get to have your own garage and modify and upgrade your mech. There are a few game modes available, playing against other players in local and online versus or play co-op. There is also a single-player campaign if you’re that kind of person who would like to play that first before accessing the multiplayer.

I've been in the gaming industry for more than ten years. Mostly I was on the developer side - as a game designer. But I also worked with many other aspects of game development. I worked with producers, concept artists, 3D artists, animators and programmers.

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