The Grand Tour Game – Xbox One

Look, I saw this game trailer for the Xbox One. It’s about the game called The Grand Tour. If you’ve seen the show – you know what I’m talking about. Yeah, as a car game guy, I’m not too excited for the game. Not because the game or the show look bad, they both look good. But You know how it is when it comes to games made after the movies, and movies after the games, none reach their full potential. They just feel like they are in the wrong medium.

I’m sure there are many fans of The Grand Tour TV show, but the game itself just doesn’t have a clear target audience beyond that. The game just doesn’t fit anywhere with the current lineup of of other top car games which have been going on for decades.

Games come from a few types of people: people making it because they want something to exist, and others just want to make money on top of the hype that is going on. If you think the TV show is cool, you probably want to play this game if you play games anyway. I would personally not spend money on this advertisement driven venture, but in stead I would purchase and support developers who are the best in the industry, or some small ones who are starting out and have a lot of potential.

The Grand Tour Game Future?

Games like The Grand Tour will show and disappear soon after the hype dies down. Because the game doesn’t offer anything that is not done even better by someone else. But who knows, maybe TV show stars (who I’m not talking about in this article) are actually real gamers who will support their game for years to come and also produce more of them. Nah, I don’t think that will happen.

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