The real reason why old games are being rebooted and remastered

With the new generation of consoles coming out, we are all excited to learn about the launch titles. I believe many of us will buy the new consoles because of the games we can play on day one. Thats’s how it always was until this generation.

This time around, both Xbox and Playstation are coming out with less than a generation defining launch lineup. They will rely on backward compatibility to bridge the gap. I would say that is less than ideal, however the next generation of consoles is yet to prove its power, as Unreal Engine 5 is still not available to game developers. It will take some time before developers start putting it into action.

Why do games get remastered?

Yeah, they get remastered so people who miss old games can play them on the new hardware with a new shine. However, companies do this to test the market. The market testing happens all the time in games industry. Publishes want to know what old games are in demand. You all know that Crash Bandicoot got remastered for modern consoles, and soon after that, a new title was announced and out very quickly. Well, that’s because they sold a bunch of remasters.

Crysis got remastered, and soon we will have Prince of Persia remaster. There is a Demon’s Souls remaster coming on PS5 as a launch title. There are just about all the great games coming back to test market for the future installments to come.

Does that mean games industry doesn’t want to take any risks anymore? Well, it depends on the company. The basic rule is that when you design a video game, you should only change about 10% of the design. I might talk about this in the future article.

Will we see more remasters?

Yes, of course. All major titles will be remastered and rebooted because there is already an audience for them. People already know them and remember liking them. So there is a better chance they will buy them. While brand new title will need to get the audience, educate players from zero up, it will take more resources to create a huge hit.

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