Warcraft III: Only 3 Workers vs Insane Computer – Video

In this YouTube video you can see a complete Warcraft III match against an Insane Computer on a small sized map. Before you as, this video is true, and it does make sense. I found this out the first time I played Warcraft III online. The opponent actually came close to my base and built their defenses instead of making defenses to protect their base. This way he gets to keep the whole rest of the map while I’m locked inside my small base with very limited resources.

This strategy is really powerful and if you are not careful, experienced players can easily pull it on you. You have to pay attention to what is going on the whole time. Especially on areas you don’t control. This is where an enemy will take advantage of you.

The video got over two million views since published in 2017. If you know of some great strategies for Warcraft III, post the links to videos in the comments below.

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