Why do I always have Doom 3 installed on my PC?

Doom 3 came out in 2004, together with Half Life 2. It was a great year for first person shooter fans. Both games did great in terms of sales and critical acclaim. Doom 3 was graphically demanding game back then, but not anymore. Now most laptops and desktops with integrated graphics will run it just fine if not maxed out. Here is why I always have it installed on my PC and probably play it every few years.

The whole Doom 3 game takes only 1.5 GB. It lasts for hours and I just can’t get enough of that classic level design. Every time I start a new game I get further and further without dying. It just relaxes me, and I find slaying monsters pretty fun, still.

What about Doom 2016, you might say? Yes I know about it, in fact, I play a lot of it on my Nintendo Switch these days. This is my first playthrough of the campaign. I still have Doom 3 installed right on my Gaming Laptop. Because why not? It only takes up 1.5 GB of space. Who cares if I play it only once every couple of years.

ID software developed Rage after Doom 3. They wanted a new IP to work on. I enjoyed Rage more than most of my friends, but I can’t help but notice that it was a mistake to make that game when they did. If they only worked on Doom 4 instead.

So go ahead, download Doom 3 onto your PC and keep it there, it will be the space well used on your hard drive or SSD.

I’m excited about Doom Eternal. It’s coming out this year (2019). And with those words I will leave you to your thoughts. Thanks for reading EsportsGate.

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