Why is Fortnite so addictive?

Fortnite was supposed to be the first game powered by Unreal Engine 4, but it was delayed. This pushed some other games forward. Fortnite came back to the front pages of gaming news with it’s battle royale mode which was free to play. Everyone was able to try it and the streaming did the rest. Now, nobody can get even close to Fortnite player numbers.

I will focus on the battle royale mode of the game, because it is to blame for the popularity of this game anyway. The mechanic of the whole game is to collect resources, build and then battle other players on the map. The build and gathering resource part of the game was influenced by another mega huge game: Minecraft. Who knew that if you create something in Minecraft you get attached to it because it’s your own creation. And then came the mega build projects and they sparkled the internet – Minecraft became extremely huge. Back in the day, I was expecting why aren’t more games copying this? And soon after, you could see flocks of Minecraft clones on mobile app stores and Steam.

What happens when a game is too huge?

Basically what happens is – if a certain game becomes too big – other game designers notice that, they are not stupid, they play all the games too, you know? They in fact, take it apart and document every detail of it and are able to explain why is that game so good. Why do they want to know that? Well, they want their own game to be just as successful. It’s no secret that everyone learns from each other in the gaming industry.

Fortnite and Minecraft are both quite similar in certain core aspects that it shouldn’t be ignored. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing – but games do learn from each other. Let’s go back to when GTA V was published and went mega huge. I knew then and there that most of the new AAA games will become open world and they will involve long rides with interesting conversations their characters are having with each other. Even Batman Arkham Knight put in a batmobile and made the streets for driving around for the first time. Another victim is Assassian’s Creed Syndicate (you might start calling these games: AC: GTA, or Batman: GTA, Lego World: GTA) and many others.

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